Re: Adding Time-Stop Marks to Audio Tracks


Are you using Winamp with JAWS or NVDA?  JAWS has a feature that allows you to make a book mark although that isn't part of the actual program.  I don't know if NVDA has an add-on that does this.  Whether it does or not, you can manually make the equivalent of one. If you want, I'll explain how.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] software to mark books

i use winamp, but i no winamp does not have the book mark feature
so which one do you use?
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What app are you using to read the audio book. Most that I have used have their own bookmarking feature.



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Subject: [nvda] software to mark books


hi guys


can you recommend a software for windows to bookmark audio books?

by bookmark, i mean to pause the track in certain area, then bookmark it there, then resume afterwards another time

this is using NVDA


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