Re: Quick Navigation By Heading In MS Word Focus Mode

Bhavya shah

Dear Sociohack,

Thank you so much for your detailed instructions. I am now able to
navigate heading by heading whilst in focus mode itself in Word. I
would like to suggest just one alteration in your instructions based
on what just worked for me - in step 8, I use Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn rather
than Ctrl+up/down arrows to move to the previous and next headings.


On 4/13/19, Sociohack AC <> wrote:
While there isn't an NVDA command for this, it is possible in Word:

1) Press CONTROL+H (This is the replace command, but it ensures the dialog
opens, rather than the task pane)

2) Press ALT+M to activate the "More" button to show more options (if
already activated the button becomes "Less" and alt+m doesn't do anything

3) Press ALT+O to open the Format button / menu.

4. select the 'style' button from this menu the heading level from the dialogue box which appears next
6. press alt F to find next
7. press ESC to close the find dialogue box
8. use the up and down arrow keys with ctrl  to navigate between headings
while in focus mode

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Bhavya Shah

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