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Felix G.

Hi Oliver,
thanks for your great and very much appreciated contributions in
applying AI to the problems of individuals with low vision or
blindness. I strongly believe AI, if properly used within an adequate
ethical framework, can be a huge benefit to society, if not the
biggest we have seen so far.
Also, sorry for the very low signal to noise ratio you are currently
getting from this list. Consider it the white noise of enthusiasm.

Am So., 14. Apr. 2019 um 09:21 Uhr schrieb Raha Tehrani

Thanks anyway Oliver.
great favor.
maybe you need to email Mozila and explain the whole situation to
them. they would definitely help if they found out you'd intend to
carry out a charitable action for the blind and expect no benefit
back. because the same thing happened to webvisum and they did help.
all the best.

On 4/14/19, hurrikennyandopo ... <hurrikennyandopo@hotmail.com> wrote:
Hi Oliver

I installed the extension but noticed when i come back to your page the
following message is read out by nvda.

The extension was turned on the extension added then it was turned off as
per your instructions.

I do not seem to get it any where else but a part from when i come back to
the page. is it just to remind us after installing the extension to make
sure it is turned off?

I was using google chrome.

Now it is a matter of seeing if i come across any capt chas now.

Gene nz

On 14/04/2019 6:22 PM, Oliver Edholm wrote:
Hi everyone!

Sorry for making this extremely confusing for you all :(

I removed the Firefox version for now since I need it to be signed for it to
be able to be run permanently. I'm looking into if this has the possibility
to be signed, this process may take some week, right now I only support

When you go to the download page for Firefox you'll be redirected to Chrome
for now: http://www.screenreader.ai/download_captcha_solver.html

If you know any way to run it permanently other than signing it, please
contact me at oliver.edholm@gmail.com<mailto:oliver.edholm@gmail.com>

On Sat, Apr 13, 2019 at 10:56 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:

To be honest you can run this in temperary debug mode but you can't run this

You need to use something called addons sdk though if you use newer versions
of firefox you are supposed to be able to build extentions natively.

On 14/04/2019 9:10 AM, marcio via Groups.Io wrote:
The problem is that there isn't a link to a Firefox version of this
extension. There isn't any single thing saying about Firefox to be honest.

AKA Starboy

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Em 13/04/2019 18:07, Ângelo Abrantes disse:

On the link, context menu, save link as...

Às 20:33 de 13-04-2019, marcio via Groups.Io escreveu:
Wow that's true! I just checked it and haven't found any single link to a
Firefox extension download.
However, people seem to have downloaded it successfully.
So folks, come here, tell us what's the secret about it.

Marcio AKA Starboy
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Em 13/04/2019 14:53, Shaun Everiss disse:

I only see the chrome one there isn't any way to add this to my
firefox/waterfox program unless you make an addon file for it and the
firefox extention page is not on main page of the site and that page only
downloads the chrome extention.

I do wander what is needed to make it official extention or something.

On 13/04/2019 8:22 PM, Oliver Edholm wrote:


You may have seen that a free captcha solving chrome extension was released
yesterday, below is a link for firefox as well!

You can download the extension here:

I'm a sighted machine learning researcher that recently have caught an eye
on the field of web accessibility.

Websites are primarily designed to be interacted with visually which is hard
to do if you have a visual impairment. Here I think there's big potential
for AI to help and look at the web page visually and then give correct and
helpful information to the visually impaired or blind user.

I'm also the creator of the newly created but fairly popular NVDA add-on,
"Image Describer", can be found at NVDA add-ons list, (if you're interested
in trying out): https://addons.nvda-project.org/index.en.html

I'm looking towards doing much more than this, please contact me or reply to
this thread if you want to get help with something accessibility wise or
have any kind of feedback.

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