Re: Cannot open in Iran


i really wish that someone find a solution for this problem.
i really dont understand why should i use vpn or any antifiltering
software to open nvda website in iran?
when i open nvda website, sometimes nvda says problem loading page.
sometimes i dont recieve any error message, nvda just says connecting,
but when i open
nvda says that accessing this website is not possible in farsi!
whome should i contact and inform about this issue?

On 4/14/19, Raha Tehrani <> wrote:
unfortunately, there's something wrong with Freegate. it doesn't
function well in Iran. to give it a try, you can open
through it, as a result, you'd get the same error you got for
you can open nvaccess through Ultrasurf 19.02 or SoftEther VPN Client
I have done it lots of times and got no error at all.
all the best.

On 4/14/19, Mohammadreza Rashad <> wrote:
I've also tried to use Freegate, another antifiltering app to open the
or update NVDA, but it failed too.

Best Wishes,
Mohammadreza Rashad
sent by Nokia 8

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