Re: Cannot open in Iran

Antony Stone

I would suggest that if you have connectivity problems to certain sites which
other people say are working normally, you should in the first instance contact
your Internet Connectivity Provider.

If you have any other means of connecting to websites, and can show that you
can connect using one provider but not using the other, then this is a clear
indication that one of the providers has a problem to deal with, and they
cannot say that the problem lies with the site/s you are trying to contact.


On Sunday 14 April 2019 at 10:25:17, zahra wrote:

i really wish that someone find a solution for this problem.
i really dont understand why should i use vpn or any antifiltering
software to open nvda website in iran?
when i open nvda website, sometimes nvda says problem loading page.
sometimes i dont recieve any error message, nvda just says connecting,
but when i open
nvda says that accessing this website is not possible in farsi!
whome should i contact and inform about this issue?
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