Re: Windows 10 Mail App - Reviewing the subject and from fields?

Robert Doc Wright godfearer

You can shift tab to that information.


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From: Gerardo Corripio
Sent: Saturday, April 13, 2019 4:49 PM
Subject: [nvda] Windows10Mail and reviewing the subject, and from fields?


Using Windows10 Mail with the latest NVDA Win10 Essentials, what’s the best way to, when within an Email’s body, review the subject, and from fields? I tried Alt+numbers on the top row, like with other Emails, but no go. Any other ideas, apart from having to implement the Review cursor for this purpose? Sometimes when replying to an Email, it’s nice to put the person’s name who sent the below message, for which I’m having to even before I reply to the Email, Escape out of the Email’s body, and read the current line of the Email, to remind me of the person’s name, or also to see what the subject of the Email is etc.


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