Re: about installing Iven3 in sapi5 version of espeak:


thanks for your reply.
but in this way which i tested, its quality is robotic.
do you know the way that i install it directly like other voices?
for example: during installation, i type m7 for mail seven plus my
desired language and its installed without any problem.
i need a direct code to use while installing like mails and femails.

On 7/5/16, Sukil Etxenike via <> wrote:
Hi nasrin,,

You could try to do the following: go to your NVDA directory (C:\Program
files (x86)\NVDA), and go to the espeak's variants folder
(synthDrivers\Espeak-data\Voices\!v) and copy the iven3 file to the
folderr you installed espeak into (probably C:\Program Files

Then, rerun the eSpeak installer and select the iven3 voice during

Hope this helps,


El 04/07/2016 a las 16:42, nasrin khaksar escribió:

hi every one.
the best voice in nvda for me is iven3.
its very friendly, beautiful, lovely and natural.
when i installed espeak sapi5 version, unfortunately it does not have
and i dont know its code.
someone suggested me to use i3 when i want to enter a code and after
installation, i copy iven3 from nvda in to espeak.
i tested this method and the quality was not very great and it was a
little robotic.
i want the exact code for installing iven3 in to espeak.
i am shure that espeak sapi5 version, should have all the voices,
because nvda uses espeak, and its very far that this great voice is
only in nvda and not espeak!
i realy appreciate your help, because i only love this voice.
its a very critical problem for me, i realy need only this voice in
espeak sapi5 with its great quality.
thanks again and god bless you.

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