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Curtis Delzer

there is a very small mp3 player which also can be used to speed up the reading of books and it does to some extent remember where you left off.

You find it by using the send to menu, and "play" the file with it. F5 speeds up, f4 slows back down and f10 is the menu. It is in Italian, however. Called "play this." 

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On 4/13/2019 7:54 PM, Gene wrote:

If you want to use Winamp, you may.  I don't know about other programs such as VLC player.  This requires a few steps but it is very logical.  Also, there is an NVDA Winamp add-on.  I don't know what different functions it has. 
To do this mmanually, do the following:
When you are at the point where you want to make the bookmark, pause play by pressing c.
Open the Winamp jump to time dialog, control j.
You are in a field that shows the current time position you are in.
NVDA says selected.  That means you don't have to select it.  Simply use control c to paste it to the clipboard.
Paste the time into a Notepad file and save it with whatever name you want wherever you want.
The next time you want to resume reading and use the manually created book mark equivalent, open the Notepad file, select the time with control a for select all, and copy it to the clipboard.
Close Notepad if you wish.
Start the file playing in Winamp.  Pause it so you can hear your screen-reader easily.
Open the jump to time dialog, control j.
Paste the time in with control v. 
Press enter.
You are now at the place where you want to resume.
This may sound like a lot of steps but they are very logical and use concepts, such as copy and paste that are commonly used in Windows and Windows programs.  If you try this two or three times, you may find it is much easier than it may sound when reading. 
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yup i no jaws can do it
but am using NVDA
NVDA does not have to add on to do it
sure, you can tell me how it is done?
or could it be done through another program, like vlc
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From: Gene
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Are you using Winamp with JAWS or NVDA?  JAWS has a feature that allows you to make a book mark although that isn't part of the actual program.  I don't know if NVDA has an add-on that does this.  Whether it does or not, you can manually make the equivalent of one. If you want, I'll explain how.
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i use winamp, but i no winamp does not have the book mark feature
so which one do you use?
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What app are you using to read the audio book. Most that I have used have their own bookmarking feature.



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Subject: [nvda] software to mark books


hi guys


can you recommend a software for windows to bookmark audio books?

by bookmark, i mean to pause the track in certain area, then bookmark it there, then resume afterwards another time

this is using NVDA


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