Re: NVDA and Outlook 2016

Sarah k Alawami

Not much in the archives but here's a thread that might help. And another thread that might help as well. There are a lot of searches in the archives re office 2016 but most are with 365 so I don't know if those are the same. Here is the search page

I don't use office on a windows machine although I know how a little bit.

Take care

On 14 Apr 2019, at 18:28, Pascal Lambert wrote:

Hi All,

Is there anyone using MS Office 2016 Professional? 

I just made the switch from MS Office 2013 Professional to MS Office 2016 Professional.  I am finding it a bit different to set up so that it works smoothly with NVDA.  I would appreciate talking to someone to compare notes on the accessibility of NVDA and MS Office 2016 and the best way to set it up.




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