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On Sun, Apr 14, 2019 at 09:28 PM, Pascal Lambert wrote:
accessibility of NVDA and MS Office 2016 and the best way to set it up.

            It will be helpful if you can get specific about which Office program (or programs) you're having issues with, as there are a few things that may apply to all of them, but most will be specific to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

            As Sarah has mentioned, there is actually a lot of material on the group archive regarding all of the various Office programs and NVDA.  Office 365 is directly based on Office 2016, so at the individual program controls level the two should be virtually identical.

            If you wish to search the archive, located at, there is a Search button at the very top of the page.  There are two important notes about doing searches on (probably more, but these are the biggies):  If you are looking for something like Word 2016 make sure to enter it within quotes, otherwise you'll get every message that has either the word "word" or 2016, rather than someone mentioning "Word 2016".  The search results are also initially returned at the individual message level, which isn't particularly helpful, at least to me,others prefer it.  I far prefer to see topics.  To make that happen, activate the "Tools" button, check the "collapse topics" checkbox and, voila, the search results are now shown as topics.

            One thing I've written up with regard to using Office that many seem to find useful is:  Adjusting Protected View Settings in MS-Office Programs
I cannot stand having these on by default and have disabled them in every Office program so that I'm not being endlessly nagged.  And those warnings are even more annoying when using a screen reader.  I only open attachments produced using MS-Office from sources I know I can trust, so I do not need nor want protected view.   This little reference document I threw together might prove helpful, too:  It contains a list of direct links to the Microsoft webpages with the keyboard shortcuts for each one of the major Office suite programs, which covers all the recent versions.


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