Re: logging into telegram with nvda?

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Have you tried it on other browsers at all?

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Subject: [nvda] logging into telegram with nvda?

I'm BCcing this to the nvda chat group just in case but here are the
steps I'm taking

1. Launch chrome. I have the same trouble with Firefox
2. Go to
3. Put your phone number in.
4. click next
5. Try to click the "OK button. I cannot do this, yet other people I
know have done this successfully. I've tried
* 1 object navigation
* 2 screen review
* 3 document review
* 4 routing and left clicking with the result that nvda says "there is
no object here" or "object has no location"
* 5. Left clicking with the mouse after trying to rout
* 6. Trying to use narrator with the result that that dialogue never

So does anyone have any tips here? I cannot do a video as my phone
number will be revealed and I don't want that.

Blessings and happy Sunday

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