Re: logging into telegram with nvda?

Sarah k Alawami

Yes. I have tried it on safari on the mac and chrome for the mac. Both work beautifully. I can't recall if I said I tried it on chrome to on windows but if I didn't, I did. I want to use firefox as that is my default browser. Iv'e nixed edge, at least until the new one comes out for public use.

On chrome and firefox produce the same results. I enter phone number, click next, try to hit ok to receive the prompt in my telegram to enter the code, then it will just work after that. I can't click the ok, not even punch it with the mouse button, or nvda's left click, or even narrator.

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Have you tried it on other browsers at all?

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I'm BCcing this to the nvda chat group just in case but here are the
steps I'm taking

1. Launch chrome. I have the same trouble with Firefox
2. Go to
3. Put your phone number in.
4. click next
5. Try to click the "OK button. I cannot do this, yet other people I
know have done this successfully. I've tried
* 1 object navigation
* 2 screen review
* 3 document review
* 4 routing and left clicking with the result that nvda says "there is
no object here" or "object has no location"
* 5. Left clicking with the mouse after trying to rout
* 6. Trying to use narrator with the result that that dialogue never

So does anyone have any tips here? I cannot do a video as my phone
number will be revealed and I don't want that.

Blessings and happy Sunday

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