NVDA With Excel

Howard Traxler <howard@...>

Hello folks,

Using Windows 10 pro 64, NVDA 19.1, MS Office 2003/Excel.

I'm having trouble running Excel with NVDA.  With NVDA running, Excel will only flash and stop; reverting to the previous screen. If Excel is already running, NVDA will not start.  Excel runs properly with JAWS demo; runs, but not usably with Narrator.

I have used this combination (NVDA and Excel) successfully for many months.  Perhaps I should go back to an earlier version of NVDA.  See my note (below) posted on another list.

Anybody, thanks for ideas.


Trying different screen readers:
1. With NVDA, I get the results I described in my message above.
2.  With Narrator, Pressing enter on the desktop shortcut, I get two or three clicks and revert to the previously running application.  Pressing the spacebar will start Excel, but no useful information is read.
3. With JAWS (40 minute demo), Excel comes up and allows normal functioning: data entry, reading cells, opening and saving file.

It appears to me that this is caused by an interaction with the screen readers.

I probably could get done what I need to in less than forty minutes but it sure is inconvenient.  Maybe something to ask the NVAccess folks.

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