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Hi Ralph,
Although I believe you got the answers you were looking for, I just wanted to chime in and offer you a list where you can talk about Wordpress, ask your questions and such.
This list is actually a low traffic one as far as I can remember, and I'd believe the lady that created it is here with us.
While, as I said, the list is a low traffic one, if you post a question that's for sure you're gonna get some interesting answer(s).
Check it out here.

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Em 15/04/2019 18:31, Ralph Boersema disse:

Hi Friends,


I am contemplating starting a blog and have a tech who can help me with hosting and getting started. Any suggestions for which software works well with NVDA? My tech is suggesting WordPress, but he is not particularly familiar with NVDA. Have you all found WordPress to be fully accessible using NVDA?




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