Re: Hemingway Editor - Command for Colors with NVDA


I have never used NVDA to try to report background color, but I seem to recall discussions of it being able to do so for Excel cells (as well as reporting text color as well).  The exact how I do not know, and I have not found the magic search terms to pull anything up from the group archive.

The main webpage for Hemingway shows a number of blocks of text with background colors that demonstrate what the software actually does. In fact, their demo is where you paste your own text if using the web app.   I am not finding it particularly accessible, as I wasn't able to get to the various boxes giving counts, and background colors for the various things it flags, except by mousing over them.

Unfortunately the Desktop app, which is likely at least somewhat more accessible (possibly entirely accessible), costs $19.99.  I did not continue along far enough to see what, if any, refund policy they might have or if there's a fully functional demo version that will run for some short period of time.

Unless I'm missing something (and I could be) the web app on the Hemingway site has limited accessibility in terms of what one would actually be using it for (which is not exactly surprising given that the presentation is directly targeted at vision using color-coding.  Others may be able to evaluate whether it's my lack of ultra-in-depth skill with NVDA that's made me have that opinion, but I'm just not seeing this as being an easy web app/website to use.

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