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As an aside, I have issues with the current nvda in word 2003, but what I have done is to keep an older nvda as a portable version and am happy to switch to that when its needed.
I use a batch file to shut one and open the other at will.
Its pretty simple to do in such situations.
I know I'm a dinosaur!

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Fixed: I began wondering if my copy of NVDA had somehow become
corrupted. I reloaded the program and it seems to have fixed the

On 4/15/19, Steve Hoad <mainefun40@...> wrote:
Hello: Is it possible that the latest version of NVDA doesn't play
well with Excel 2007? I have been using Windows 10 with these
programs successfully in a previous version of NVDA but now, when I
open Excel it crashes almost immediately.
As an alternative, can I easily roll back to NVDA in a 2018 version
that Excel worked well with?

Any help or information would be appreciated. Thanks,

Steve Hoad

Steve Hoad

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