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You are right the basic intermittent issue has been around generally since the xp days.
If you look at logs you do often see warnings but no actual errors. I do not have some comparison logs handy and as it is quite a small irritation probably low priority, but despite it being in the tracker I did not find it.
My poor search skills probably!

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i confirm this problem in nvda 2017.2 (my favorite version) on windows xp.
i dont understand whats the problem.
and i thought that i am the only one who has this issue!
in this case, i cant do anything or open my computer and desktop programs.
thanks for reporting and God bless you!

On 4/16/19, Felix G. <constantlyvariable@...> wrote:
Hi folks,
has anyone else observed that sometimes NVDA reports the title of the
desktop as "Explorer" whereas at other times it states "Program
As an aside, I find that "Explorer" is often announced even when it is
inappropriate as something completely different has focus.

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