Re: Cannot open in Iran

Dejan Ristic

Hi friends in trouble,

Would you like me to |Google Drive the latest NVDA down to you so that you may be able to use it till a solution has been found? Would you like me to do the same with some NVDA add-ons?

Let me know and I'm ready!


On 16/04/2019 11:29, Mohammadreza Rashad wrote:

Dear Rosemarie,
As I said before, I have this issue with more than one ISP, and have received many reports from various places.
Dear @Quentin, would you please help me to solve this mysterious problem? I, as a blind person, think that we have right to use, download and update the free NVDA screenreader, like other blind computer users.

Best Wishes,
     Mohammadreza Rashad
   sent by Nokia 8


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