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Chris Mullins

Have you enabled the capslock key as an additional NVDA key? It should make the pageup/down keystroke more comfortable.


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Thank you. For me I have read the manual, I do better with audio learning like a podcast or something.

Thanks for the information.

My issue is the NVDA+ page up or down, not an easy key sequence on my keyboard.

Suggestion has been made to get a bluetooth external fullsized keyboard, I don't like this option as it's one more thing to carry.


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Have you read the manual? I don't have any problem remembering the
laptop layout. Just NVDA + arrows (combined with ctrl and / or shift),
plus NVDA + Enter and NVDA + PageUp or NVDA + PageDown should get you
going. To use the mouse use NVDA + M or NVDA + Shift + M, and to click
use NVDA + brackets combined with CTRL or Shift.



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Yes its called an external keyboard I think. I could not get my head
around the concert pianist structure either.
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I'm using the latest NVDA 2016 on a development laptop. This machine
does not have a keypad. I've gone over the manual for laptop layout
with regards object navigation and screen review, I am just not
getting it.

Does anyone have any pointers? Things that'll stick in the memory?


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