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Here is an excerpt from the Tor Blog providing information about this.  Accessibility was turned off for technical reasons I don't understand and that others may be able to explain. 
This entry was written over six months ago.  Does that tell us something about the attention this problem has been given after an "alas" in the response?  Alas, a stylized response, doesn't cut it.  It wouldn't be "alas" if the browser became unusable for a significant number of sighted users. 
Zef (not verified) said:
September 05, 2018
Tor browser 8.0 is unavailable for Nvda[screen reader] in windows system. Please fix it.
Previous version works fine.
Blind users they can not use this version.
gk said:
September 06, 2018
In reply to Tor browser 8.0 is … by Zef (not verified)
Yes, we had to disable accessibility support on Windows system, alas. :( The problem is that mingw-w64 lacks some fixes which are probably not so easy to write. We have a bug open for now with further links to the underlying problem:
Zef (not verified) said:
September 06, 2018
In reply to Yes, we had to disable… by gk
Thank you for your answer. How long does it take to fix this problem?
At once I can not use it tbb.
gk said:
September 07, 2018
In reply to Thank you for your answer… by Zef (not verified)
We don't know yet. :(

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From one or two comments I've seen on a list I follow, it appears that recent Tor versions are not accessible.  If you want to use it, let us know and someone will make the last accessible version available.  It is version 7.5.6.  I don't use Tor, though I did on one or two occasions quite some time ago and I'm interested in it remaining accessible.  I would suggest that those who use it contact the Tor developers and discuss the accessibility problem.  It may be nothing more than turning on access in Tor.  For some reason, developers may have turned it off. 
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It may be the IP address that's being blocked, not the provider or site.
It appears that is on a dedicated server, at the IP address
It may be only that IP address that's being blocked, especially if it changed
recently and the one it has now used to be something your government did want to
The last time they changed anything in that record may have been in December of
2018, but that's only a guess based on some technical information and only the
nvaccess people can say for sure.

All that said, if you're getting a 403 error, that probably is nvaccess blocking
you for some reason, not the other way around.  Can you paste the full text of
the error you get?

Lastly, you may be able to use tor to access it.  A bit of work to get setup,
but if it is a blocking based on geographic location issue, that may very well
get you around it.  A VPN or a proxy is probably easier, but may not be free.


On Tue, 16 Apr 2019, Mohammadreza Rashad wrote:

> Dear Rosemarie,
> As I said before, I have this issue with more than one ISP, and have received many reports from various places.
> Dear @Quentin, would you please help me to solve this mysterious problem? I, as a blind person, think that we have right to use, download and update the
> free NVDA screenreader, like other blind computer users.
>    ***
> Best Wishes,
>      Mohammadreza Rashad
>    sent by Nokia 8

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