Re: Cannot open in Iran


today, i contacted our internet provider and they told me that they
did not block nvda website.
they told that i should contact nvaccess staff and ask them for help.

On 4/16/19, Antony Stone <> wrote:
If you do not wish to use a proxy, VPN, Tor or similar avoidance of the
default routing which you have on your Internet connection then I think the

only people worth talking to about this problem are your Internet

Either they are filtering / blocking your access to the site, or else
upstream from them is doing so, and your contract is with your connectivity

provider, so talk to them if it isn't working correctly. They in turn have
contract with their upstream provider, so they can take the problem further
need be.


On Tuesday 16 April 2019 at 13:33:59, zahra wrote:

hi dejan and i appreciate your kindness and sympathy with us.
i also wish to find a solution that i can use nvda website as i could
use before, without proxy, vpn or any antifilter softwares.
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talking to yourself.

Please reply to the
please *don't* CC

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