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I have no recollection of clickable items being grouped in links.  I doubt that k will move you to a clickable item and I doubt they appear in the links list.  Of course, you can tab to a clickable item but that means nothing concerning being grouped as links or not because you can tab to any control or structure such as a link. 
It doesn't matter what clickable structures do.  If they are clickable, they should be able to be recognized when using a move to next clickable command.  The screen-reader recognizes them and announces clickable when you move to one.

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Well and working from memory here, the problem with clickables is that there
is little info on what they may actually be doing. Its up to the site
developer to define it so they are grouped in links since there could well
be several different sorts of clickable and how do you actually know which
is which? at least if they show up in the links one might be able to assume
they are supposed to do stuff. I have to say some of them seem to do nothing
whatsoever while others act like links or drop downs and all sorts of other
 I think somebody in charge of web accessibility needs to sort this one out.

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Subject: [nvda] Jumping Between Clickables

> Hello
> Is there any reasonable way, or is there some way in development, to jump
> between items on a web page that are "clickable"?
> The manual only mentions clickables in regards to the indicator in the
> braille section, and the checkbox in the document format configuration
> description, and even in this latter it is very sparse information.
> I have found various discussions about clickables, whether they should be
> spoken, whether lots in a row should be spoken, and how to get them to
> stop speaking, but nothing about how to navigate them.
> For example, if I have a bunch of links on a page, I can skip between them
> with k, v, u, etc.  If there are buttons, I can use b and B.  And so on.
> But how does one do this with clickables?  Sometimes you run into quite
> long lists of these, and it would be nice to move through them quickly, or
> to jump to them from another part of the page.
> Frankly I'm surprised this has not been done already, but maybe there is
> some reason I can't think of.  Or maybe it is being done and just isn't
> documented in an obvious way.
> Luke

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