Re: Jumping Between Clickables

Luke Davis

Well, I don't expect NVDA to figure out whether they do anything, that's between me and the site I'm browsing. I'm more concerned with getting to them. If I can jump to links, buttons, checkboxes, and all the rest, why can't I jump to clickables? Their just another web element from that prospective. Not all checkboxes, radio buttons, or buttons do something either--they may be disabled, for example. They just indicate that fact better than clickables (things with onclick events).

To your comment about some clickables not working:

Often I have found that clickables are toggles on the page. They select options, like radio buttons or checkboxes would on a more regularly designed site, but don't take you anywhere. Probably their highlighting changes, or in some other way they look "pressed", and then when you do hit a next button or whatever, they take effect. It's just that NVDA doesn't register that level of change.

And I have read recently in some archive on github, that if you enter browse mode, some clickables that don't otherwise work, do then work. I haven't tried this yet.


On Tue, 16 Apr 2019, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:

Well and working from memory here, the problem with clickables is that there is little info on what they may actually be doing. Its up to the site developer to define it so they are grouped in links since there could well be several different sorts of clickable and how do you actually know which is which? at least if they show up in the links one might be able to assume they are supposed to do stuff. I have to say some of them seem to do nothing whatsoever while others act like links or drop downs and all sorts of other things.
I think somebody in charge of web accessibility needs to sort this one out.

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