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And some other tips from me about PotPlayer.

From the list of skins to use (there is a submenu for them in the main pop-up menu), select to use the "Window Frame Skin - WindowFrame.dsf". That skin obeys the theme in use in Windows, which is specially important when using a high-contrast Windows theme.

PotPlayer is generally accessible. The only main thing that is not accessible now is the playlist editor, specially the list of items in the playlist. Previously it was accessible. From what I've read on the PotPlayer forum, the inaccessibility was caused by the change in the type of control used for the list control for the playlist. I don't know what is used now, but previously a standard "SysListView32" control was used. Unfortunately, the PotPlayer developer seams not willing to revert it to a standard control, probably due to better performance and functionality of this new type of control in comparison with "SysListView32".

Also, if you go to PotPlayer Preferences -> Accessibility, you can configure if the player should output via SAPI5/OneCore or via the currently running screen reader (via UIA) things like on-screen messages, subtitles and tooltips from the skin controls. In my opinion, that is very useful, specially for the on-screen messages and the subtitles (the tooltips from the skin controls are read by NVDA without this function, if NVDA is configured to read tooltips via its Settings -> Object Presentation).

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На 17.4.2019 г. в 17:18, Brian Vogel написа:


           Brilliant!  (and arcane).   I would never, in a million years, have found this, or probably even tried it had I gotten to those settings, since the skinned version of the context menu presents precisely the same information as the system version does.  It must be the skin overlay that is the root of the accessibility problem.

            Works like a charm after tweaking that setting (or at least the menu does).  I restarted the player even though it didn't force me to do so.


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