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I'm not Brian but I believe I read somewhere that the Freelists group is no longer active.  If I ever had a choice between a different list serve and list serve for the same list. I would assume that is the active list or the one being migrated to.  It is the popular list serve for lists composed mostly of blind users and more and more lists are moving to it.

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Could you please tell me what's the difference between the and the freelists add-ons list?
I subscribed to both, the freelists one being the last, so we shall see. However, if you can tell me something about what to expect beforehand...

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Em 17/04/2019 11:30, Brian Vogel disse:
There is an NVDA add-ons list on,, and on FreeLists,, both of which turned up in the top 5 results of a web search on NVDA Add-Ons.

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