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Before the thread closes, Zoe,

Hugs from me.

Il 10/03/2016 15:40, Zoe Fiogkos ha scritto:

Sorry everyone, but I feel like I have to defend myself. I made an innocent comment on another list that obviously was misinterpreted by someone.I want the owners of this list to know I am not an advocator of illegal software.I asked for help using outlook on a windows 10 laptop and someone suggested I use my old outlook cd from my windows 7 laptop to install it now on my windows 10 laptop.I stated that someone installed it for me a long time ago and I don’t have a cd and don’t know if it’s a legal copy.We all have been there, being new to technology and letting one or more people help us with something we have no idea about.

I remember being so new at computers that when I got my first one, it just sat there for months on a desk, because I had no idea even how to turn it on.I remember hearing the terminology desktop, task bar, etc.and me scratching my head and saying to myself huh?If my outlook copy is legal or not, I have no idea.I certainly can’t be held responsible for what people did to help me over 7 years ago.I sent emails to this group asking for help on how to navigate the website so that I may purchase Microsoft word and or outlook.Apparently I was kicked off another list without warning because supposedly I use illegal software.For the record this is not true.My family just spent this Christmas 850 dollars to buy me a new laptop, I continued to spend 300 dollars to upgrade my jaws licence, I spent 100 dollars to by the code factory vocalizer expressive voices for NVDA, and if I need to I will spend money to buy outlook and word.

I hope this clears up to anyone on this list who I am, and my intentions.People shouldn’t be so quick to judge and accuse.If people use illegal software that’s their choice, I am choosing not to go that route, and for someone to refuse me help and label me that way is unfair and unjust.This topic maybe irrelevant to the list and I’m sorry for that but I wanted to clear my name so that I don’t get kicked off anymore lists unfairly.

Please all accept my apologies and thank you for listening.



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