Re: A very interesting problem: the use of Spyder outside the Anaconda, a few more questions and advice

Pawel Urbanski <pawel@...>

Hi, I contributed some fixes to VS Code - it is not so chatty now... I
also created a very simple, but useful NVDA add-on for VS Code...

Just download the latest VS Code - would be great if we somehow could
join forces if more fixes would be useful..
My add-on is over here:

** Do not worry that it says that there were commits to the repository
- just some typo fixes. **

Best regards,

On 18/04/2019, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

              I'm going to reach out to the contacts I have and ask them to
take a look at this topic and reply to you privately.  There seem to be a
lot of "regulars" who are also Python coders, a number of whom work on NVDA
itself and/or its add-ons.

              That being said, the subject of Python coding at the depth and
breadth that your message indicates you want to pursue makes it off-topic
for the NVDA list.  I won't even suggest you take this to the chat group, as
the scope of the discussion you want to have can only occur among seasoned
Python coders.

               I am guessing that you will likely hear from said Python
coders via Private Message or direct e-mail in response to this one.   I am
asking that the topic be closed for ongoing discussion on the NVDA group

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