OCR feature of NVDA seems to only work on visible portion of a graphic


Hello NVDA Group:


Earlie this week, I received an email, which I opened in the desktop version of Outlook 365, that contained a graphic of a screenshot full of text. With my laptop undocked, I performed OCR using NVDA+R on the graphic and read the contents. Later that day, with my laptop in a docking station, which is connected to a low resolution, large-screen monitor, I performed the same OCR function. Fewer lines of text were available, leading me to believe that the OCR is being performed on the visible portion of the graphic and not on the entire graphic itself.


As a blind user, I have no idea of how much of a graphic is visible, so if this is the case, I consider this a significant problem. Could someone please confirm whether my assumption is correct?


Thanks, Rick




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