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Hello Felix:

That did the trick. It took NVDA over 45 seconds to navigate to the next chapter when the 2 key was pressed. I wonder what algorithm is being used in NVDA for this purpose, since it takes such a long time. If I use Word's built-in search function (Find) and I choose to search based on format and I choose Heading 2, it takes Word less than a second to find the next heading 2.


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NVDA contains a mechanism, called a watchdog, which will terminate certain routines when they block the main message loop for too long.
Maybe this is what happens.
In the Python console, you can type:
import watchdog
Can you navigate then?
Please note that you should start the watchdog again after completing your tests as NVDA is more liable to crash with the watchdog disabled.
The easiest way to get it back is simply to restart NVDA. But of course, you can also:
import watchdog

Am Fr., 19. Apr. 2019 um 02:42 Uhr schrieb Rick <softwarethatworks@...>:

Hello NVDA users:

I have a large Word document (over 180 pages) which contains numerous annotations ()comments, insertions and deletions) and is well structured with nested headings. There are 9 chapters at heading level 2 and many subsections at heading levels 3, 4 and 5. In browse mode, I can navigate through the first set of chapters using the 2 key. Each of these chapters is only 5 to 10 pages in length. However, when I attempt to navigate to a chapter that is 60 pages beyond the current chapter, pressing the 2 key has no effect. I can successfully navigate to subsections of the large chapter using the 3, 4 or 5 keys.

How does NVDA navigate a document in browse mode, does it go line by line until it reaches the next intended object, or does it perform a search, using Word’s built-in API’s? If it searches line by line, perhaps I am experiencing the same issue related to a timeout in the elements dialog when too many annotations are present.

Thanks, Rick

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