Re: question about clock add-on and cakewalk sonar add-on

Shaun Oliver

ah good I found it! the accursed thing was eluding me.

for some reason, it wouldn't show those options when I was hunting through that list before.

at least not the 24 hour options.

On 20/04/2019 22:49, Chris via Groups.Io wrote:

Its in nvda preference > settings > clock setup > time display format

Use the drop down menu to select your preferred display format


From: Shaun Oliver
Sent: 20 April 2019 13:48
Subject: Re: [nvda] question about clock add-on and cakewalk sonar add-on


and that is exactly where I looked.


On 20/04/2019 20:57, Robert Doc Wright godfearer wrote:

I believe if they go into NVDAMenu/preferences/settings and press c for clock. The first tab let’s you choose your time format.


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From: Shaun Oliver
Sent: Saturday, April 20, 2019 3:51 AM
Subject: [nvda] question about clock add-on and cakewalk sonar add-on


I have two questions in one here.



Firstly, is there a way to make the clock add-on read in 24 hour time,

and secondly, is there any decent add-on for cakewalk sonar? at least,

one that'll work with the current version of NVDA? I have one at the

moment, but I don't much care for it as it utilises sapi5 and a few

other odds and sods rather than using NVDA's own speech. a bit odd, if

you ask me.







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