Re: Using Nvda so I get the entire screen


Em 20/04/2019 11:37, Bill and Marie Johnson disse:
May it be changed?
I'd believe so.
However, be warned that it's not advised to change default keystrokes, for many reasons. One of them is that if you get used to your own keystroke for a command, when you have to work with another computer, of course said keystroke will be different and you'll be at the risk of don't remembering it.

Now, here are the steps if you still want to change something:
If you go to NVDA Menu > Preferences > Input Gestures (maybe this latter don't have this exact name, but it's something close to it) you can set any keystroke according with your preferences.
You'll have a filter where you can type in something that is a part of the command name or its description.
When you've finished typing, hit tab and you'll be presented with the results for what you've typed. You can then press up/down arrows to move through the options.
When you find the result you want, hit tab until "add" and press spacebar.
Just after pressing spacebar on the "add" button, enter with your new keystroke for this command.
Then you'll have to choose if this command will be valid for the laptop or desktop layout, or even both.
When you've finished with it, OK to exit this dialog.
That's it :)

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