Clarissa Mitchell

I did a complete reset of my computer, keeping personal files so I
wouldn't lose absolutely everything. After that, I did a full
antivirus scan just to make sure I didn't have something wonky messing
around with my computer. I then re-downloaded NVDA and proceeded to
find all my add-ons again. I got some things back from the
"windows.old" folder before deleting it through Disk Cleanup. As far
as I could tell, there wasn't a whole lot there that I wanted to get
back; it didn't even have all my personally created desktop icons. Of
course, the reset wiped all the installed applications that didn't
come with the computer, so I now have to spend valuable time getting
all my programs back. I got NVDA, the TWBlue app for Twitter, and
Spotify, but I haven't re-downloaded anything else, mainly because I
really just don't want to take the time. But I suppose I'll have to do
it anyway. Somehow I really need to get the money for an external hard
drive or something so I can back up all my digital treasures!

On 4/20/19, abdul muhamin <> wrote:
Hi, your all settings mite be shifted to a folder called windows.old, please
check it in c:\windows.old. before trying the above mentioned suggestions

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From: Brian Vogel
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Subject: Re: [nvda] HELP! LOST ALL MY ADD-ONS!!!

On Mon, Apr 15, 2019 at 04:13 AM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
I'd have thought thy would disable shut down in such a case.
You can't disable "hold down the power button" hard shutdown ever, and
that's generally what people are doing.   There is no direct access to the
power button via Windows during an update in progress.

I hope that Clarissa reports back on what has transpired since her original
message arrived at some point.

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