Office 365 on the web

Joshua Tubbs

Hi all,

I need to do a PowerPoint project and need office. I discovered office
Education today, allowing college students to get Office for free as
long as they have a valid email address.

Unfortunately, and I'm not sure if this is universal or just with my
school, but I apparently "do not have a valid license for installing
office" and to contact my school etc.

The web version of PowerPoint doesn't seem all that bad. I saved a
default presentation as a test and all is well, but I wonder if
there's a way for me to download it? I can only share an online link
and I need to upload the file to Blackboard.

In any case, I try to add a slide title and I can press F2 to leave
the edit box, but browse mode or NVDA's equivilent to forms mode is
odd and I can't press enter and/or NVDA Space in this edit area to
edit the title.

I know installing the apps are the best option, but if I can't do
that, is there a screen reader guide to use the web version of these

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