NVDACon 2019 - community survey

Adriani Botez

Dear all,


as we are preparing this year’s NVDACon, our goal this year is to engage the community in the preparation process more than before. For this purpose we have created a small survey which should reveal an optimal date for the conference, convenient for most of us.


In case you intend to participate at the conference, please complete this survey by chosing the weekend or weekends in august which are most convenient for you. You can choose more than one option. The conference will take place during the weekend which has been chosen by most people.


Please take two minutes and access the survey at



To complete the survey, please don’t use firefox because the survey is not completely accessible in that browser.


Feel free to distribute this survey throughout your networks, so we reach as many people as possible.


We are lloking forward to having you on this year’s NVDACon!



Best regards



Adriani Botez

Cochair of NVDACon

NVDA Comunity Conference (NVDACon)

Website: https://www.nvdacon.org/

Email: info@...

Teamtalk server: tt://nvdacon.org/?tcpport=10333&udpport=10333



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