problem with NVDA screen reader

Curtis Golightly <curtis.golightly@...>


I hope you can point me in the right direction. I am a computer repair /
technician who has a client who is loosing his eye sight.

He choose to use NVDA as his screen reader and for several months it has
worked just fine for him. Starting last week it quit reading web pages.
It reads the banner, (top line or two), stops and does nothing or it
repeats it.

My knowledge of screen readers is limited, I do have a couple of other
clients who use Jaws, but I really am in over my head and yet I hate to
leave my friend without somewhere to turn.

He especially enjoys LSU sports website and  I tried without success to
get it to read the page.

I tried removing and reinstalling NVDA in case there was some file
corruption or issue with the current profile settings, this did not help.

Any idea  how to proceed?

Thanks in  advance for your help,

Curtis Golightly

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