locked Re: OT: A program to make BARD files Braille-display friendly


And, now, this topic is locked.

I agree that the original poster did show some discretion in asking for replies off-list, which could easily have been made using the "Reply to Sender" link at the end of individual messages or entries in the digest for a topic.

I then respectfully asked that the topic be taken elsewhere, whether that were to be the Chat Subgroup or elsewhere.

Then a follow-up, after that request, is made over a day later, and if the person making the reply had read the topic in its entirety first they should not have ever done so.

Then the list owner makes clear this is off-topic.

Then we have another member explaining the probable motive of the original poster, even after two "this is off-topic, please stop" messages have been posted.

There is a very good reason that this guideline was included in those sent out for the NVDA Group Reboot:
Using threaded or conversation view in their respective e-mail client programs and reading through the entirety of a thread before replying.  It gets you completely up to speed and avoids a lot of repetition.  If you choose not to use threaded/conversation view, please take the time to read through all messages from the group that are in your inbox prior to adding any reply to the group.  It’s the only way you can be sure you’re up to speed on any topic when not using threaded/conversation view.

It is basic list etiquette to read through an entire topic before posting additions to it, and to respect requests from the group moderator and group owner to end the discussion.  But when that etiquette is not followed, I will follow through on my earlier statement that I will lock topics, as I'm now doing on this one.

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