Re: Questions about Browsers and NVDA

Sam Bushman

Great points, thank you Brian.

I actually have a listening ear at the company at this point. Not sure how responsive they will be over time but we shall see.

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On Wed, Apr 24, 2019 at 08:03 PM, Sam Bushman wrote:

Yes sir, understand. I just tried it in narrator and same results – I think that makes your point.

Also, if you attempt to push this, definitely make a point of the fact that this is eventually going to mean that their web code will probably break, at least in modern browsers.   IE is in its death throes, and has been for some time.   No one that cares about the ongoing viability of their websites/web apps will ignore the fact that using now-ancient IE HTML extensions is a sure way to eventually cause failure.   It's also bad, of course, for accessibility, but you know that this will not be the primary concern, and you have a very solid card to play along with the accessibility card.

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