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Antony Stone

Aha - given those spellings of voxin and oralux, it all makes sense now :)



On Thursday 25 April 2019 at 18:23:27, Devin Prater wrote:

This is Voxin’s Homepage:

This is IBM’s ViaVoice TTS for Linux, kept on life support for $5 per

On Apr 25, 2019, at 11:20 AM, Antony Stone
<antony.stone@...> wrote:

A brief Google search for "voxsin" returns nothing related to NVDA,
speech synthesisers or accessibility, so I really don't know what's
being discussed here.

"Auralux" appears to be a "simplified real-time strategy game", so again
I can't really tell what this has to do with NVDA...

Maybe Shaun can provide some URLs to whatever it is.



On Thursday 25 April 2019 at 18:01:11, Brian's Mail list account via

Is this another synth then? I feel like I've walked in late to a show
here. Incidentally one thing to think about on Speech hub is that it
may need considerable reworking to work in nvda when it goes Python
three. I found Speech hub quite laggy even on fast pcs.

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Well its confirmed from auralux.

They are not sure at least the person that spoke to me isn't, but you
can run a single licence for user under wsl and if that addon works in
nvda and you want it then thats probably ok.

However I really think its a bit stupid to do all that to run speech.

A question could be though, if you got a raspberry pi or something
little, connected to a computer, or speaker running linux natively,
could you run voxsin from that then it could be like one of those
serial synths I guess again a bit overkill but it makes sence.

To be honest, knowing what I know I'd try speechhub again.
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