Re: Hemingway Editor - Command for Colors with NVDA

Quentin Christensen

Hi David,

I just replied to another message on this query.  In short, press NVDA+control+d to open NVDA's document formatting, TAB to "color" and spacebar to select then ENTER to press OK.  Colour changes should be reported as you navigate or read the text.


On Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 8:13 AM David Russell <david.sonofhashem@...> wrote:
Hi Brian and others,

I am interested to use the Hemingway App on its website, once I put my
document into their editor.

I can read the summary report, but I cannot read their notations,
arranged by color as to subject, that I understand to be embedded in
the document I produce.

At one time, I worked for an organization that put their quality
assurance highlights in a similar fashion, but was using an older
version of Jaws at the time, around 2010.

I thought Hemingway may function similarly if colors function were enabled.

David Russell
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