Re: i really need some help with sound

Luke Davis

You mention using a "bos soundlink mini 2", by which I assume you mean the "bose soundlink mini 2", which is an external bluetooth speaker which I gather you are connecting by 8th-inch cable?
If that is the case: do either of these things happen if you just use the laptop's built-in speakers?

The suggestion you already received for Silenzio will likely solve your second problem, as this is common with bluetooth speakers which are designed to conserve power by not playing noise below a certain threshold (I.E. silence).

However, your first "crackling" issue could be something else, and I have experienced something along those lines.

The next time you experience the crackling, can you test by switching to the laptop's internal speakers, and see if it is still happening?

If it is, try plugging in some unpowered headphones or earbuds, and see if you are still getting the crackling.
Actually, try that either way, then go back to the Bose. Report what happened at each stage.

How bad is this crackling? Can you record an audio sample of several seconds of it, possibly contrasted with normal sounding speech? What synth are you using?


On Fri, 26 Apr 2019, Darren Harris via Groups.Io wrote:

firstly am using the real tech audio drivers for the built in sound on the motherboard of my laptop.
I’ve encountered a strange intermittent issue. Every so often I’ve had a problem whereby I’ll be using the laptop and then NVDA will go all crackly. The
only way I’ve been able to solve it thus far is to restart the whole thing. Luckily it doesn’t happen that often but when it does it’s most annoying.
The second thing is that every so often and this is regular the soundcard will just switch off. I have my laptop plugged into a bos soundlink mini 2 and
after a while unless there’s sound going through it the  laptop sound seems to switch off which results in the speaker turning off. At first I thought it
was NVDA being weird but it isn’t. if anybody could assist me with either issues then I would indeed be grateful.

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