Re: saving a list of headings


Hello Cearbhall:


Did you mean NVDA+F7 to open the elements dialog?


This brings up a list of elements which are grouped in categories. For example, when browsing the web, the categories are:

  • Links
  • Headings
  • Form fields
  • Buttons
  • Landmarks


In the headings group, NVDA announces levels instead of heading numbers. Level 0 corresponds to Heading1, Level 1 corresponds to Heading2, etc. When using the up and down arrow keys to navigate the list of headings, NVDA announces the level at the end, except when the level changes. Then it is announced at the beginning. For properly nested headings, you can collapse and expand the list using left and right arrow keys. NVDA announces if the level is collapsed or expanded.


I am not sure why you need the extra verbosity for links, since when viewing links in that category, only links are present. NVDA even announces if a link has been visited. Same for buttons and landmarks.




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Subject: [nvda] saving a list of headings




I can see that NVDA + F6 lists elements including headings, links and so on. However, the list does not identify what each element is as I scroll down through the elements. I would like to hear NVDA say heading 1, Heading 2, or even link when each element is highlighted in the list.


Is there a setting somewhere that allows me to turn on this verbosity? If so, I cannot find it but I would welcome your advice.


Is it possible to save the elements list as a text file that I can use for other editing purposes?


All the best,




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