Announcement of “Filed” Status

Ed Marquette

When one reads through the list of email messages in Microsoft Outlook (2013), a number of attributes (probably the correct term is “header fields”) are announced, e.g., “From,” “Received Date,” “Attachment Presence,” and “Size.”
On our firm’s system, we also have a “Filed Status” indication that either reads “Yes” or “No.”
If I manually read the cells, Outlook messages are presented in table format), I find that this status indication is presented in what NVDA calls column 6.
This “Filed” status indication is the second most important feature, for my purposes.
I have moved it up in Outlook, and JAWS reads it fine. I cannot, however, get NVDA to read it automatically as I arrow up and down through the inbox. I think I am missing something.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

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