locked Re: Poll: I think ducking should go; and other NVDA features proposal and wider discussion

Devin Prater

Wait, there's an addon for Outlook?

On Apr 28, 2019, at 7:18 AM, Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@gmail.com> wrote:


Since the list is a bit quiet, and such, I propose the next discussion should be on nvda's features, and why we put them there especially the older ones.

I'd like to talk about intergration of addons and features that have been round for ages.

1 ducking.

Can someone remind me why we had it in the first place.

I've always been apposed to it, mainly because of the fact no one really uses it, at least I cann't see any reason a normal user like myself either on office or a gamer like me would need it in general.

I could see it when ducking some sounds, maybe or just turning down volumes.

I just answered a message with it in, but I have never cared for it.

I think this feature should go unless its used.

I also think stable addons that have been stable for 1 year or so maybe 6 months to 1 year should be reviewed for nvda core, and if not within a 2 year period if not further developed.

The following should be conciddered.

1. if interpritors by nick stocton.

Unless this addon has any new version changes then I have used it with frotz and winglulx, tads, and its stable enough to put it in or at least native support of it.

1. the image describer while new shows promise though having that could be an eventual support down the road.

Not sure about all the text and brousernav addons.

But all the program support addons, eg winamp, dropbox, outlook, teamtalk, etc should eventually go into nvda, as well as goldwave.

Calibre and toolbars explorer maybe and easy table nav.

THe math support, the updater eventually, the mozilla addon, and a few things like that.

This should extend to any addons that are used which havn't been updated for ages but look good, app support, and a few features.

I also think that sound scheme support for alternit sounds and theme support maybe similar to windows sound schemes should be part of nvda.

I also don't mind paying for professional theme packs for nvda.

This is not just the addons on the site excluding alegal addons and stuff used for one thing only, but especially with the nvda python3 project, eventually well next build we will start loosing addons that are not compatible.

And a few addons havn't had updates for whatever reason, maybe some of these are stable enough and don't need any.

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