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Ron Canazzi

Hi Gene,

You make a good point, but that could easily be rectified if during the install, there is a reference screen that says something like: "You have just installed the basic NVDA package.  NVDA is a flexible program and there are additional add-ons which can expand the functionality of NVDA for such programs as Winamp, Thunderbird, ETC.  The add-ons can be found at..."  This would inform anyone installing the program that major enhancements can be added to NVDA functionality by the use of add-ons.

On 4/28/2019 9:40 AM, Gene wrote:
I think that perhaps the most important reason to add certain add-ons to the program itself is that a lot of NVDA users don't know, and won't know, that add-ons exist or where to get them. 
I'm very curious if anyone has any idea what percent of NVDA users use add--ons and knows where to get them and how to see what is available.  It may not be practical to do such a study but I'd be surprised if more than thirty or forty percent of NVDA users use add-ons.  And some of those users may use ones that instructors told them about or installed.  The user may not know where to get them or where to find out what is available.
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Interesting topic! Personally I only agree with half of it. It would be indeed great if at least some add-ons became part of NVDA, and I would include Screen Curtain among those.


On the other hand, I totally oppose the exclusion of the ducking function. It’s extremely useful, especially with  services like Youtube  or Google Play Music. Often it’s the only way to hear the screen reader without having to close everything else.


Let’s see what other opinions come up!





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