locked Re: Poll: I think ducking should go; and other NVDA features proposal and wider discussion


On Sun, Apr 28, 2019 at 10:26 AM, Ron Canazzi wrote:
I agree with you on the ducting.  I don't use it a lot with NVDA
Ron, what follows is not personally aimed at you, but at this concept, which several have expressed.

Whether or not you, any you, use a given feature or function is irrelevant.  You can be assured that a very great many others do.

It becomes completely irrelevant when that feature is configurable to an OFF state by the user.   All programs have features that any individual user may not like or may not use.  All programs have default settings that may not suit a given individual.  The first task of any user, with any program, is to do the exploration necessary to configure it to match their own wants and needs to the maximal extent possible.  You don't "steal features" that are assuredly used by many because you (the generic you) cannot be bothered to learn how to configure them, which includes turning them off.

Software is not now, and will never be, bespoke for any given individual unless they've written it themselves for themselves.  Something like NVDA should not be expected to be anything near to being so in its "out of the box" state.  You're going to have to tweak it to make it fit.

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