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First, what I’m saying below has nothing to do with NV Access’s position on this subject – I’m sure Quentin will post something about this when he is ready.

Audio ducking (not ducting, by the way): it was added because Microsoft added necessary foundations for it in Windows 8, and users did request this feature. Note that this will work on installed copy only due to extra privilege required. We had issues with this feature in recent Windows 10 builds, but all is good now. Just because you yourself doesn’t use it should not be a reason to generalize your findings to the larger population and claim that it should be removed.

Inclusion of add-ons: not all of them, in my opinion. A recent trend has been add-ons fixing issues raised on GitHub – screen curtain sort of resolves an issue reported not long ago, and someone is indeed working on integrating this into NVDA (not me). Windows 10 App Essentials is donating some of its features to NVDA because there is a need for it (search suggestion sound was originally part of my add-on before it became a feature in NVDA not long ago).

At other times, we could have taken a poll as to which add-ons deserve to be part of NVDA. Not now: many of you may have read by now that NV Access is thinking about how to proceed with Python 3 transition, and I guarantee that some add-ons not maintained for too long, some of which were mentioned for possible inclusion into NVDA won’t function in Python 3 version of NVDA. Once NV Access officially declares Python 3 transition (any day now), I’ll instruct the add-ons community to start porting our add-ons to Python 3 and give that a priority boost for a while.

I do understand that sometimes my posts have an effect of closing this and similar discussions (that happened many times); I think just because a world-renown NVDA expert says things should not be a reason to blindly follow whatever he or she says, and I think it applies to this situation too.




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Hi Shaun,

I'm not sure I agree with much of this! I like audio ducking a lot becuase there are often websites that start things playing too loudly and there is no way to navigate to the volume control if ducking is not active. I've experienced this when listening to a podcast that I wanted to listen to and I've also experienced it when going to newspaper sites and I have been listening to NVDA read the article only for it to start playing a video of some other news story and it can be difficult to navigate down to the mute button.

As for bundling addons into NVDA I suspect many people would find that getting close to being bloatware. The beauty of addons  is that we can choose whether to install themn or not, and we can uninstal them if we find we don't need them or they are interfereing with something else. I can't see (pardon the pun) the pint in adding to the size of the NVDA executable when not everybody is going to use, for example, the WinAmp addon. I do use WinAmp every day but I don't use the addon becuase I tried it and it didn't enance anything I do with WinAmp, so I uninstalled it.

SO my vote, if you're counting them, is that I would not want lots of addons bundled into NVDA by default.

I'm pretty sure there was a discussion on this around the time Screen Curtain was developed. The general agreement was that the core NVDA program should only do screen reader functions and that things like the screen curtain or the weather app, things which I think I remember JAWS coming bundled with (it's a long time since I've used JAWS) were best left as addons for individual users to decide on whether to install or not.

Just my 2 currency units' worth :)

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