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Shaun Oliver

further to my last,

I also am a firm believer that if your application has default keystrokes, you should not need to completely remap the keyboard to make the application more usable.

case in point, skype classic, the other totally remapped keystrokes that already performed other functions from within the app itself, and yet, with NVDA, I found it just as easy to use, using the default keystrokes coded in to the application, moreso than the other utilising the concept of a totally remapped keyboard command structure.

On 29/04/2019 01:13, Shaun Oliver via Groups.Io wrote:

this, I am in complete agreement with, because on the whole, the concept you're proposing flies in the face of what NVDA is truly all about.

It has been stated time and time again, that they do not wish to turn the software in to bloatware, and quite frankly, we have problems a plenty with another screenreader that shall remain nameless for that very reason.

Quite apart from the fact the other charges like a wounded bull for a product that quite frankly should be readily accessible to any and all blind people, and not require a government grant just to have your computer fully functional and mildly accessible for your work place, among other things, it's fast becoming apparent that said product while a good many people like it and use it, is almost becoming as big in file size as the operating system it is supposed to make more user friendly for us.

and while you might not utilise a particular feature set,, others do, so it should not be removed because not everybody uses it. it was introduced for a very good reason and some of you are wanting that feature taken away? I'm sorry for my harsh words, but that is rather arrogant and gauche of you to believe that yours is the right way to go about things.

The developers have had to weigh up the costs of implementing certain feature sets out of the box as against the footprint on the overall system, and they have done a marvellous job at keeping that footprint relatively small.

Hell, unlike others in the field, there is no display driver added in to the video chain, and that, quite frankly is no bad thing as even something as trivial as that can and does decrease performance, especially when on the whole, UIA is a far better way of gathering the information a screenreader needs.

On 29/04/2019 00:38, Giles Turnbull wrote:
Hi Shaun,

I'm not sure I agree with much of this! I like audio ducking a lot becuase there are often websites that start things playing too loudly and there is no way to navigate to the volume control if ducking is not active. I've experienced this when listening to a podcast that I wanted to listen to and I've also experienced it when going to newspaper sites and I have been listening to NVDA read the article only for it to start playing a video of some other news story and it can be difficult to navigate down to the mute button.

As for bundling addons into NVDA I suspect many people would find that getting close to being bloatware. The beauty of addons  is that we can choose whether to install themn or not, and we can uninstal them if we find we don't need them or they are interfereing with something else. I can't see (pardon the pun) the pint in adding to the size of the NVDA executable when not everybody is going to use, for example, the WinAmp addon. I do use WinAmp every day but I don't use the addon becuase I tried it and it didn't enance anything I do with WinAmp, so I uninstalled it.

SO my vote, if you're counting them, is that I would not want lots of addons bundled into NVDA by default.

I'm pretty sure there was a discussion on this around the time Screen Curtain was developed. The general agreement was that the core NVDA program should only do screen reader functions and that things like the screen curtain or the weather app, things which I think I remember JAWS coming bundled with (it's a long time since I've used JAWS) were best left as addons for individual users to decide on whether to install or not.

Just my 2 currency units' worth :)

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