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On Sun, Apr 28, 2019 at 11:31 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:
I’ll instruct the add-ons community to start porting our add-ons to Python 3 and give that a priority boost for a while.
And, for the flip side of the "features" coin, add-on support only lasts as long as there's someone willing and able to do the ongoing maintenance necessary to keep an add-on viable.   This is not just in the NVDA Add-On world, either.  Very large numbers of the membership here has seen the death of Webvisum and (I believe, I'm not 100% certain about this one) Rumola.   Webvisum died under Firefox not because it didn't perform its function beautifully, but because the team behind it decided to walk away when Firefox Quantum made its debut (or at least somewhere around that time).   This happens, and not infrequently, if there's not someone who is willing to take up the torch combined with someone willing to pass that torch.  If either is missing . . .

'Tis the nature of software and the pace of change in the world of computing.  It's always been this way and, given the human factors at play, will probably always be this way.

There has been a great deal of concern expressed in the past about NVDA Remote Support (which is still an Add-On at this stage, but I seem to recall something about discussions about whether this should be something integrated into NVDA itself).   Regardless of how it came into being, those who created it are not obligated to maintain it perpetually.  They created a product at a set time that has worked for years afterward.  It's open-source so it could (maybe has, but that's not my point) be picked up by anyone willing and able to maintain or improve it, and that anyone may or may not be its original developers.   But the original developers met the entirety of their obligation upon release.

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