locked Re: Poll: I think ducking should go; and other NVDA features proposal and wider discussion


On Sun, Apr 28, 2019 at 12:35 PM, Devin Prater wrote:
I knew about the page, but I’ve never seen an Outlook add-on, neither there before nor discussed on list.
I honestly can't say which specific add-ons I've seen discussed at length over time, but a great deal of them come up again and again.   Also, though it's not like it's weekly, new ones do get added with some regularity.

Any NVDA user had ought to make it a habit to do a quarterly quick visit to the NVDA Add-Ons Page and do a quick cruise through to see what may have appeared that wasn't there before.  (And that's even though some of these newly added/updated add-ons get discussed in this very list.   If you've put yourself on "no mail" when you're on vacation, and an announcement comes through, it's lost to you forever unless you are in the habit of doing a quick check of the NVDA Group Archive page to see what's happened in your absence.)

And for those looking for add-ons within a specific non-English language community, visiting the appropriate page(s) for same, which have been discussed recently.

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