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Devin Prater

This will all be a little more manageable when the Addons site can “interface” with NVDA to allow showing a list of installable admins, from which a user can simply choose from and install. I know, this will take a lot of time. After that’s done, though, in the “welcome to NVDA” dialog, there can be mention of this functionality.

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On Sun, Apr 28, 2019 at 03:31 PM, Shaun Oliver wrote:
Joseph's points are what I would consider bloatware.
Then you and I have a very different definition of bloatware.  Software bloat or Feature bloat/creep, sure.   Though I can find definitions of bloatware that make it synonymous with software bloat/feature creep, most do not.  Bloatware is a class of its own and is generally considered to be PUPs where the initial P can be lopped off and that are supplied by your OEM or installed as part of the loathsome practice of bundling.

And, when it comes to feature bloat, one man's bloat is another man's godsend.  I don't find, in general, that software developers sit around trying to come up with new features for their own sake.  In good development shops they're driven by user requests and in many bad shops by marketing/management demanding something "new and shiny" whether there is any existing need or demand for it.

Over time computer users have to upgrade hardware, and not only to keep up with software, but that's a big part of it.  Now that it's incredibly cheap (relatively speaking) to get new hardware that can handle virtually anything you typical user who web browses, e-mails, uses an office suite, plus a few other low demand programs the time is never coming for de-bloating of feature bloat, because in almost all cases what's bloat to you is gold to me or vice versa when you have a big enough user pool.

I'm bowing out now, though, as this conversation is getting really meta-NVDA, at least from my perspective, rather than being about how to use it in any way. 

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